Magnolia front-end helpers for SPA

Magnolia front-end helpers is a collection of JavaScript libraries that enable easy integration of single-page applications in the Magnolia Pages app.

Magnolia provides the following helper libraries:

  • Angular editor

  • React editor

  • Vue editor

  • Magnolia Template Annotations

The annotations make content from a front-end project editable in Magnolia. This is achieved by injecting annotations (HTML comments) around components which the Magnolia Page editor transforms into controls for web content editors.

Supported framework versions

Our policy is to use the oldest LTS versions (or oldest versions with security support) of the frameworks in our frontend libraries. This ensures that projects that use the older versions are still supported.

As to our sample projects, we aim to use the latest active versions of the frameworks to make sure that our libraries are forward-compatible.

  • Angular

    • The angular-editor can use the oldest version of the LTS release, currently version 15.

    • Projects can be built with that one or any later version of Angular.

    • Our angular-sample uses the current active version, which is Angular framework version - current active version.

  • React

    • The react-editor uses the oldest version with security support, currently version 16.

    • Projects can be built with that one or any later version of React.

    • Our react-sample uses the latest version, which is React framework version - the latest version.

      React Server Components (RSC) and NextJS App Router

      Experimental support for React Server Components and NextJS App Router is available in version 1.6-experimental.6 of the react-editor.

      To learn more about this feature and to try it in a demo, see (in the minimal-headless-spa-demos repository).

  • Vue

    • The vue-editor uses the current active version, which is Vue framework version.

    • Projects can be built with version 3 of Vue. Older versions such as vue2 are not supported.

NodeJS versions

For compilation of libraries and testing the samples, we use the latest LTS version of NodeJS.

Java versions

To see which Java versions you can use for your Magnolia instances, please see the Java section on our Certified stack page.


You can add the libraries to your JavaScript project by installing them as project dependencies. The libraries have the following npm package names:


For information on how to use these helper libraries, see the following subpages:

Externally hosted SPA

The helpers also provide means for contexts where an SPA is running on a remote server. For more information, see the Hosting the SPA page.

Example SPA projects built with front-end helpers

To see how these libraries can be used, check out our example projects. The projects already include the required dependencies to the helper libraries.

  • minimal-headless-spa-demos - Minimal headless demo with full installation instructions (including React and Angular).

  • Hello Magnolia - SPA - Tutorial of adding components to the minimal SPA (including React and Angular). The tutorial is part of Magnolia Headless Documentation (Headless docs).





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