The Audit section allows you to see the different actions being triggered by your team while they navigate and use the Cockpit. This ranges from things like user log-ins to those performing backup and restore options.

cockpit audit overview

View audit information

To view audit information directly from your Cockpit:

  1. Go to Audit. This is found on the left sidebar in your Cockpit.

  2. Choose the audit Type.

    select audit type

    The following event types are representative of the type of events you will see in the Audit section of the Cockpit.

    • RESET_CACHE_ACTION = The cache was reset by the specified user.

    • CREATE_KEYCLOAK_USER_FACADE = A new user was created.

    • UPDATE_KEYCLOAK_USER_FACADE = A user was updated.

    • DELETE_INDEXES_MAGNOLIA_ACTION = An index was deleted.

    • RESTORE_BACKUP_ACTION - A backup was restored.

    • LOG_USER_IN - The specified user logged in.

    There are many actions that can be seen in the Audit event type menu. However, you will only see actions that have occurred within your Cockpit.
  3. Choose the specific User.

  4. Select the timeframe you want to view audit information on.

    Range options

    • Last 5 minutes

    • Last 15 minutes

    • Last 30 minutes

    • Last 1 hour

    • Last 3 hours

    • Last 6 hours

    • Last 12 hours

    • Last 24 hours

    • Last 2 days

    • Last 7 days

  5. Set the result limit.

    This limits the results you see in the Cockpit. If you choose 2, you’ll see only the most recent 2 results.

  6. If desired, you can enter the specific request ID.

    To get a specific request ID, you can click the icon under the Request Id column in the audit list.

    click request id