Managing Magnolia PaaS

The Cockpit contains several sections where you can manage the operations or your Magnolia deployment as well as view site metrics, check the health of your site, analyze logs, and much more.

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Cockpit sections

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Your Magnolia PaaS Environments section contains critical information about your deployment’s health, response times, and overall usage. The environments you see in this section of the Cockpit are those configured in your .gitlab-ci.yml file.

See Environments for more details.



Magnolia PaaS runs on Kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes clusters are sets of node machines running containerized applications. One of the primary advantages of Kubernetes clusters is that they automatically manage your cluster to match the configured desired state.

See Clusters for more details.


Content delivery

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) allow you to quickly deliver your site content by caching content appropriately for improved speed and performance. Magnolia PaaS uses Fastly as the default CDN. If you’re using Fastly as your CDN, you’ll be able to see all available tabs in the Cockpit.

For more on cache in general for Magnolia PaaS, see Cache.
See Content delivery for more details.



Your Magnolia PaaS Logs section in the Cockpit displays logs for pods, domains, ingresses, and more. Each section has dedicated filtering by their relevant components as well as by a date range.

See Logs for more details.


Dev operations

Your Magnolia PaaS Dev operations section allows you to restore, copy, or download your project’s content database(s). You can also perform full backups in this part of the Cockpit.

See Dev operations (beta) for more details.



The Admin section of the Cockpit allows you to perform administrative operations on your subscription such as flushing individual (or all) query caches.

See Admin for more details.



Magnolia PaaS alerts provide a closer look at the status of your cluster.

See Alerts for more details.




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