Content delivery

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) allow you to quickly deliver your site content by caching content appropriately for improved speed and performance. Magnolia PaaS uses Fastly as the default CDN.

The Content delivery section of the Magnolia PaaS Cockpit displays CDN CDN statistics, allows you to manage domains, and view any Custom redirects you may have.

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content delivery

CDN statistics

You can view your CDN statistics for an active domain in a content delivery server.

You must register a domain in the cockpit. If you haven’t done that, see Manage CDN domains.
The statistics sections remain empty until you enable a domain for the content delivery server.

View stats

  1. Go to Content delivery > Statistics.

  2. Select the desired domain from the dropdown list.

  3. Select the Date Range for the statistics.

stats choose filters
Table 1. Available statistics
Statistic Description

Hit Ration

Rate of hits over all requests per second in the last hour.


Requests per second with hit cache status in the last hour.


Requests per second with miss cache status in the last hour.

Miss Time

Requests per millisecond with miss cache status in the last hour.


Requests per second in the last hour.


Requests per second with error cache status in the last hour.


Requests graph

Number of requests over a selected time range.

Bandwidth graph

Number of bytes transmitted over a selected time range.

Global POP Traffic

The global Point of Presence (POP) traffic over a selected time range. These are the key access points from which the CDN delivers its service.

For more, see POP network.

Purge CDN

To purge the entire cache from the content delivery server for the domains in the selector, click Purge CDN. Alternatively, you can purge by URL.

For more, see Purging.
purge cdn
It does not currently purge your magnolia instances cache.

Purge URL

Instead of purging the entire cache, you may want to simply purge a single object from all cache servers. In this case, you will want to use the Purge URL option in the Cockpit.


  1. Go to Content delivery > Statistics.

  2. Under CDN Actions, click Purge URL.

    purge url

  3. In the dialog:

    1. Choose your desired Domain from the dropdown list.

    2. Enter the Full URL path of the object that you want to purge.

    3. Optionally select to perform a Soft purge.

      If unselected, a hard purge is performed which immediately makes the object inaccessible. Soft purges mark the object as stale, but it is still accessible.

      Stale objects can reduce backend loads by allowing for conditional revalidation and other performance-enhancing patterns. For more, see Fastly’s soft vs hard purge docs.

    4. Click Purge URL.

      purge url dialog

Manage CDN domains

From the Domains tab under Content Delivery, you can add or verify domains as well as enable the CDN.

As of 2022-05-20, the Manage Domains feature is not yet available.

You must manually connect to Fastly.

The instructions below assume you have a Magnolia PaaS subscription and the appropriate permission on the Cockpit. The screenshots are in dark mode.

If you are unable to access the Content delivery section of the Cockpit, please contact the Helpdesk.

Add domain

  1. Go to Content delivery > Domains.

    domains tab

  2. Enter the domain you want to add.

  3. Choose your desired environment from the dropdown.

  4. Click Add domain.

add domain

Verify domain

Before adding a domain to the system, we make sure that you own the domain. You have to create a CNAME record for your provided domain to the id provided in the verification dialog.

Example CNAME <id> (1)
1 Where is your domain and the <id> is the id from the verification dialog.

Once you have created the CNAME record following the dialog instructions, you can proceed in the verify dialog.

  1. Go to Content delivery > Domains.

    domains tab

  2. Click Verify next to the domain you wish to verify.

    domains verify

  3. In the pop-up window, click Verify once more.

We check you own the domain, if it is successfully verified, a new ingress and certificate are created and you can then start using the domain publicly. Certificates are managed automatically by us.

Enable CDN

To be able to make the CDN on your domain, you must first create a CNAME to point your domain to the Fastly server Enabling a CDN puts your domain behind a CDN provider.

Example CNAME

  1. Go to Content delivery > Domains.

    domains tab

  2. Click on the Enable CDN button for the previously verified domain, and it automatically enables your domain on the CDN.

    domains enable cdn

Custom redirects

You can view the custom redirects that you have created directly from the Cockpit.

View redirects

  1. Go to Content delivery > Redirects.

  2. Select the desired Cluster from the dropdown list.

Here you can see:

  • The Source URL. This is the place to redirect from.

  • The Target URL. This is the place to redirect to.

  • The Code. This is the http status code passed with the redirect.

cockpit cdn redirects
These values are taken from the rules.csv redirects file found in your project folder.