Managing assets

Configuring the filename field

In the default configuration, the dialog does not have a field for renaming the filename of the asset.

Filename field in the asset upload dialog

You can add the field to the dialog by hotfixing the configuration of the dialog.

In the Resource Files app:

  1. Open the /dam-app-jcr/dialogs/uploadAndEdit.yaml configuration file for editing.

  2. In the jcrDetail part, add the jcr:content: property shown below to the intended position of the filename field, for example just below the media upload field property.

  3. Save the updated configuration.

      class: info.magnolia.ui.editor.UploadViewDefinition
      required: true
        $type: jcrChildNodeProvider
        nodeName: jcr:content
        nodeType: mgnl:resource
      $type: compositeField
        $type: jcrChildNodeProvider
          $type: textField
          label: ""
      label: Filename

Afterwards, to bring the modified configuration to life, open /dam-app-core/apps/dam.yaml for editing and save it without changes.

You can touch any decoration that is part of the Dam app so that the included file changes would be picked up.

In a similar way, you can also modify the configuration of the Asset (node) rename dialog (/dam-app-jcr/dialogs/rename.yaml) to enable the filename field there as well:

Filename field in the rename dialog


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