User profile storage

In addition to a username, Magnolia stores various user profile preferences. User profile information for JCR users is stored in different workspaces that may only be accessed by the superuser.

JCR-based users have the following information stored:

  • In the users workspace:

    • Full name

    • Email address

    • Last login

    • Previous login

    • Time zone

    • Language

  • In the profiles workspace:

    • Favorite apps

    • Completed intro status (Magnolia app launcher tour)

    • Usage metrics acknowledgement status

User profile preferences related to the Magnolia instance for SSO users is stored in the profiles workspace that may only be accessed by the superuser.

The following information is stored in the profiles workspace for SSO users:

  • Full name

  • Email

  • Favorite apps

  • Language

  • Last login

  • Previous login

  • Timezone

  • Completed intro status (Magnolia app launcher tour)

  • Usage metrics acknowledgement status

SSO users can set their user preferences for timezone and language in AdminCentral.

The information for each user is stored based on the username from the third-party IdP. If you change a user’s username in your IdP, their preferences are reset in Magnolia.

Paths to user profiles in the profiles workspace

The profiles workspace is hierarchically structured and encrypted to avoid performance issues when storing many user profiles.

Profiles workspace open in JCR browser

User profiles are created automatically. We don’t recommend bootstrapping profiles because the structure is created automatically and could change in future.

If you need to generate the path to a given user in the profiles workspace, you can use this groovy script:

Retrieves the path to superuser in the profiles workspace

String userName = "superuser" (1)

new HierarchicalProfilePathResolver().getProfilePath(SecuritySupport.Factory.getInstance().getUserManager().getUser(userName));
1 The user’s ID or username, in this example, superuser.

This script returns something similar to:

====> /jcr/2a/67/00/82/NTFhZTMzNzktNjdjZi00OTk0LTllMDUtZjk3Y2I4YmMzZTRh

Changing user profiles programmatically

To access user profile preferences, to set favorite apps for users for example, inject the class. Retrieve UserPreferencesProfile with HierarchicalUserProfileManager#getUserProfile then change the values and store them back with the HierarchicalUserProfileManager#saveUserProfile method.


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