Downloading YAML definition

Definition items such as template definitions, dialog definitions and similar types (see list below), which are defined on the JCR configuration workspace, can be exported as YAML file to be used as item definition file within a light module. Creation of these files is useful for instance, when you want to migrate JCR based definition items into files.

The action to download is named Download definition.

If you want to export JCR data in YAML format in order to import it in JCR again later, use the Export action instead.

List of definition items which can be downloaded as YAML

The Download definition action is available for all definition items that can be configured in YAML and that have their own registry:

When using YAML files originating from a Download definition action, you must change the file name if you want to use it within a module. For instance, the name of the YAML file defining an app must reflect the app name with the pattern <app-name>.yaml.


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