IP and HTTP permissions

In IP and HTTP method configuration you can configure which IP addresses are allowed to access an author or public instance. If an IP that is not configured attempts to access the instance, it will be denied access.

The filtering also verifies the HTTP methods that the IP can use when accessing the instance. If an allowed IP attempts to access the instance using a HTTP method that is not configured, it will be denied access.

IP and HTTP method configuration is in Configuration > /server/IPConfig.

IP and HTTP method configuration in Configuration with allow-all enabled

In the example above, allow-all is a rule. You can add any number of rules under /server/IPConfig. Each rule must have IP and methods properties.

The IP property’s value can be:

  • The * wildcard character, meaning any IP address is allowed.

  • A single IP address, for example

  • A block of IP addresses described using the CIDR (slash) notation, for example, representing the 1024 IPv4 addresses from to

The methods property can be set to multiple HTTP methods separated by commas. Any valid HTTP method can be included in the list.

To create a rule:

  1. Add a content node in Configuration > /server/IPConfig.

  2. Add IP and methods properties.

  3. Set the value of the IP property.

  4. Set the value of the methods property to HTTP methods (single or separated by commas).

The default setting allows all IPs to access the instance using GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods. You can also allow HEAD methods. HEAD, PUT and DELETE methods are typically used by services such as the WebDAV or REST modules. This makes is possible to use other tools to edit content on the author instance or to integrate other applications on the public instance.


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