Single-page applications (SPA)

Rendering single-page applications (SPA)

Currently, the following functionalities aren’t supported in SPA rendering:

External SPA and browser compatibility

If you are running SPA editors (React, Angular or Vue) on Magnolia using either Safari or the Brave Browser, you can run into an issue where you see a blank white screen.


Configure your local SPA development server to use an SSL certificate for the localhost, for example, with the mkcert tool:

  • In your home SPA folder, execute the mkcert localhost command.

  • Configure your local development server to use SSL and the newly created certificate. (Concrete instructions will depend on the framework you are using for your SPA).

  • Change your environment or the light module files to use HTTPS (not just HTTP) to access the local development server. For example, use https://localhost:3000 instead of http://localhost:3000.

  • Restart your local development server.

Brave Browser

Disable the Shields temporarily.


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