Assets app

Magnolia Assets app is a container app for asset management subapps such as Magnolia Assets subapp, Amazon S3 Assets or Bynder.


The Assets app is installed by the Digital Asset Management module as its submodule and is bundled with the following Magnolia-built webapps:

  • magnolia-community-webapp

  • magnolia-community-demo-webapp

  • magnolia-dx-core-webapp

  • magnolia-dx-core-demo-webapp

If you want to use the app in your custom webapp, make sure that you also add an asset management subapp, for example the Magnolia Assets subapp (artifactID magnolia-dam-app-jcr).

By default, the Assets app container does not have any subapp defined and will not start without a subapp.


The app configuration is stored in /dam-app-core/apps/dam.yaml. The configuration can be modified for example by definition decoration, as is the case of the Magnolia Assets subapp, with a definition decoration available in /dam-app-jcr/decorations/dam-assets-app/apps/dam.subApps.yaml.


To open the app, click the Assets tile in the App launcher:

Assets tile in the App Launcher

Then, depending on what asset management subapps are installed, you can see the respective subapps as tabs in the Assets app. See below, for example, the Assets app with the Bynder Assets subapp and the Magnolia Assets subapp:

Assets app with the action bar


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