Notifications app

The Notifications app provides users with relevant runtime information about the system. To open the app, click the arrow next to Notifications in the upper-right corner.

The notification counter shows only new notifications. A green dot only appears next to the counter if there are unread notifications.

You can sort notifications by clicking any of the column headers. In the Type column, you can filter notifications by type.

Notification types

The app displays the following notification types:

  • Error icon Error: Reports severe problems that have occurred (typically system errors).

  • Info icon Info: Informs the user about changes.

  • Warning icon Warning: Warns the user about conditions requiring attention or intervention.

Notification banners

When you are working in Magnolia apps, notifications pop up as banners below the Find bar. The following are the banner types:

  • Error
    Error banner

  • Info
    Info banner

  • Warning
    Warning banner

Storing notifications

Magnolia stores notifications separately for each user in the messages workspace.


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