App Launcher

The App Launcher is there to help you navigate Magnolia more easily.

  • App Launcher layout: How the apps are organized and displayed.

  • Favorite apps: Mark certain apps as favorites for quick access.

  • Favorites switcher: Switch between your favorite apps with just one click.

App Launcher backgrounds

Many apps exist in Magnolia and the App Launcher helps you find what you need quickly, saving time and making content creation easier. For authors especially, the App Launcher layout and the Favorite apps section bring the apps you regularly use to your fingertips without having to scroll up and down looking for them, separating apps into color-coded areas according to whether they’re used for authoring or development.

The App Launcher page is shown after login and can be reached at any time by clicking on the App Launcher icon App Launcher icon.

App Launcher layout

The App Launcher layout consists of sections with different colored backgrounds to help you identify apps based on your role (marketeer/editor vs. developer apps). All your apps are available at a glance right after you login.

  • A green background indicates favorite apps

  • A gray background indicates marketeer/editor apps

  • A white background indicates developer apps

You only see the sections and apps available to the role your administrator has assigned to you.

Favorite apps

The Favorite apps section lets you access your most frequently used apps. You can add up to 12 favorite apps. If you want to add more, your administrator can configure it. A predefined set of favorites is displayed if you haven’t selected any yet.

Adding and removing favorite apps

Use the +/- button to add and remove apps to and from the favorite apps section. Changes are saved in your profile and aren’t lost when you log out of your account.

  1. Click the +/- button

  2. Select the apps you want to add or remove.

  3. Click Save.

    Editing favorite apps

Favorites switcher

To switch between favorite apps quickly without going back through the App Launcher, use the favorites switcher. Click the star icon next to the App Launcher icon at the top of your Magnolia installation and select the app you want to open.

App switcher

Apps that are already open are indicated by a dot on the respective app’s icon.

User login information

For peace of mind and added protection, all users can see their latest login information conveniently from the App Launcher. Typically, the login information is found in the top-right of the App Launcher and is displayed in the user’s local time.

Login information format

Last login: DD/MM/YYYY, hh:mm

last login information

The latest login information is shown for Magnolia users, accessing via the default login, and SSO users (accessing via the SSO module, version 3.1.2 and later).

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