Magnolia relies on the Apache Jackrabbit JCR API to manage its data, with security handled by JCR.

Important Util classes

  • info.magnolia.jcr.util.NodeUtil. Utility methods to collect data from JCR repository.

  • info.magnolia.jcr.util.NodeTypes. Magnolia-defined node types and their properties and convenience methods.

  • info.magnolia.jcr.util.PropertyUtil. Property-related utility methods.

  • info.magnolia.jcr.util.SessionUtil. Session-related utility methods.

  • JcrFunctions. Functions for working with JCR items without catching repository exceptions.

  • info.magnolia.jcr.nodebuilder.NodeBuilder. Entry point for using the node builder API. Also see the info.magnolia.jcr.nodebuilder.task.NodeBuilderTask and info.magnolia.jcr.nodebuilder.task.ModuleNodeBuilderTask classes for usage of the node builder API in info.magnolia.module.ModuleVersionHandler.

  • info.magnolia.jcr.decoration.ContentDecorator. Applies custom behavior in a graph of JCR objects by wrapping objects. Allows for expressing the logic in a single place.

    • info.magnolia.templating.elements.attribute.Created

      • getCreated(javax.jcr.Node node) Returns the creation date of a node or null if creation date isn’t set.


  • Session

    • getNode(java.lang.String absPath). Returns the node at the specified absolute path in the workspace.

    • getNodeByIdentifier(java.lang.String id) Returns the node specified by the given identifier.

    • save(). Validates all pending changes currently recorded in this Session.


  • Node. Represents a node in the repository.

    • getNode(java.lang.String relPath). Returns the node at relPath relative to this node.

    • getNodes() Returns all child nodes of this node accessible through the current Session.

    • getNodes(java.lang.String namePattern) Gets all child nodes of this node accessible through the current Session that match namePattern.

    • getProperty(java.lang.String relPath) Returns the property at relPath relative to this node.

    • setProperty(java.lang.String name, Value value) Sets the single-value property of this node called name to the specified value.

  • Property. A Property object represents the smallest granularity of content storage.

    • getLong()

    • getString()

    • getBinary()


  • info.magnolia.jcr.node2bean.Node2BeanProcessor. Transforms nodes to beans or maps. The transformer is use to resolve classes or to instantiate beans.

  • info.magnolia.jcr.node2bean.Node2BeanTransformer. Contract for transformation from node to java beans.


Accessing a workspace

  • Access a workspace with javax.jcr.Session:

    Session session = MgnlContext.getJCRSession("workspaceName");
    Session session = someNode.getSession();

Getting javax.jcr.Node or javax.jcr.Property

  • Access a specific node or property with the JCR session:

    Node foundNode = session.getNodeByIdentifier("identifier");
    Node foundNode = session.getNode("absolutePath");
    Property foundProperty = session.getProperty("absolutePath");
    Node foundNode = NodeUtil.getNodeByIdentifier("workspaceName", "identifier");

Operations on javax.jcr.Node

  • Get a node‚Äôs name:

    String name = someNode.getName();
    String name = NodeUtil.getName(someNode);
  • Get all child nodes together:

    NodeIterator childrenIterator = someNode.getNodes();
    Iterable<Node> childrenIterable = NodeUtil.asIterable(childrenIterator);
    List<Node> childrenList = NodeUtil.asList(childrenIterable);
    Iterable<Node> childrenIterable = NodeUtil.collectAllChildren(someNode);
    List<Node> childrenList = NodeUtil.asList(childrenIterable);
  • Get a specific child node by name:

    Node childNode = someNode.getNode("relativePath");
  • Get a node property by name:

    Property nodeProperty = someNode.getProperty("relativePath");
    Property foundProperty = PropertyUtil.getProperty(someNode, "relativePath");
  • Get a node‚Äôs path:

    String pathToNode = someNode.getPath();
    String pathToNode = NodeUtil.getNodePathIfPossible(someNode);
  • Create a property and set its value for a specific node:

    someNode.setProperty("propertyName", "propertyValue");
    PropertyUtil.setProperty(someNode, "propertyName", "propertyValue");
  • Create a subnode:

    someNode.addNode("relativePath", primaryNodeTypeName);
    NodeUtil.createPath(parent, "relativePath", primaryNodeTypeName)
  • Get a session from a node and save changes:

    //Get a session from a node and save changes
    //If you already have the session

Content node metadata

  • Examples of content node metadata with info.magnolia.jcr.util.NodeTypes:

    NodeTypes.Activatable.update(node, "username", isActivated);
    NodeTypes.Renderable.set(node, "template id");
    NodeTypes.LastModified.update(node, "username", date);

Operations on javax.jcr.Property

  • Get a property‚Äôs name:

    String name = nodeProperty.getName();
  • Get a property‚Äôs path:

    String pathToProperty = nodeProperty.getPath();
  • Get a property‚Äôs parent node:

    Node parentNode = nodeProperty.getParent();
  • Get a value from a property:

    String stringValue = nodeProperty.getString()
    Calendar dateValue = nodeProperty.getDate();
    Double doubleValue = nodeProperty.getDouble();
    Long longValue = nodeProperty.getLong();
    Binary forBinaryNodeData = nodeProperty.getBinary();
    PropertyUtil.getString(someNode, propertyName);
    PropertyUtil.getDate(someNode, propertyName);
    PropertyUtil.getBoolean(someNode, propertyName, defaultValue)
  • Set the value of a property:


Exception-free JCR operations

Use JcrFunctions to work with JCR items without catching repository exceptions.

Set<Node> parents = getValueContext().get()

Providing a node as ContentMap to scripts

It is not recommended that you operate in template scripts directly on a JCR Node. cmsfn provides all scripts with any node transformed into info.magnolia.jcr.util.ContentMap. That way, it is much easier to access a node’s data. ContentMap provides the following special attributes that are not properties:

  • @name

  • @path

  • @id

  • @depth

  • @nodeType

    In Java:

    ContentMap nodeAsContentMap = new ContentMap(someNode);
    Node backToNode = nodeAsContentMap.getJCRNode();

    In Freemarker:


    See cmsfn for more templating functions operating on the JCR API.

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