Template scripts

A template script defines the output (typically HTML) and is interpreted by Renderer. The script is written in a templating language such as FreeMarker.

In the context of developing single-page applications, the elements comparable to FreeMarker template scripts are components. These are compiled into a single HTML page. On the Magnolia side, page rendering is handled by the SPA renderer.

A template script is a mixture of:

  • Static markup

  • Dynamically assigned values provided by TemplatingFunctions and other convenience helpers

  • Content references


At Magnolia, we prefer FreeMarker for its flexibility, clean syntax and practical error reporting.

Magnolia 6.3.0 includes FreeMarker version 2.3.32. You can use the .version special variable in a template to check this.

If you are not familiar with FreeMarker, these links will get you started:

The Magnolia CLI offers the create-page and create-component commands that automatically create basic scripts, template definitions and dialog definitions.


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