Accessibility statement

We care about access for everyone.

For Magnolia, web accessibility means the inclusive practice of removing barriers to ensure that all functionality and all content is accessible for all users.

  • Accessible software needs to be fully functional through keyboard support. Many users cannot control a pointing device like a mouse or touch screen due to physical restrictions.

  • Accessible software needs to be readable by a screen reader. Visually impaired users have to understand all information and controls through speech.

  • Accessible software needs to follow visual guidelines in terms of contrast and colors. Color-blind users are not able to perceive and distinguish certain color combinations.

  • Accessible software needs to apply Plain Language writing. For all users, but especially for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, language has to be at most simple so that all information is easy to understand.

Our goal is to conform to the guidelines

The two most notable references for guidelines are the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), aka. WCAG or WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices and the US Rehabilitation Act aka. the 508, which set the minimum requirements for an accessible website or software.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1, Level AA, criteria define our efforts to improve accessibility not just for people with disabilities but ultimately for all users.

We are partially compliant

Magnolia currently does not fully meet the accessibility guidelines.

Magnolia AdminCentral is partially compliant with WCAG, which means that it only meets some of the standards. However, Magnolia endeavors to increase the accessibility of our author interface and to conform to WCAG level AA in due time.

For frontend implementations, Magnolia supports the creation of WCAG compliant websites. MTE templates provide a good basis for your template design. With the Siteimprove CMS Plugin you can use the Siteimprove Accessibility Checker directly in Magnolia’s author interface which checks whether a page meets the standards and highlights the errors. Further, it is up to those building individual sites to implement their frontend in an accessible way.


To meet the guidelines and to conform to level AA, Magnolia has to improve in the following areas.

  • Make Magnolia operable with keyboard only.

    • Offer a list of keyboard shortcuts.

    • Support tab navigation to navigate the complete UI.

  • Make Magnolia usable with a screen reader.

    • Complete and fix HTML and ARIA semantics so that screen readers can read and identify the structure of a page.

    • Use meaningful titles and headings for every page, so a screen reader can detect the main content.

    • Add text descriptions for non-text content, so a screen reader understands the images.

    • Implement ARIA roles for custom controls such as search and menus, so a screen reader understands their functions.

    • Enforce proper labeling of forms and links and grouping of controls, so a screen reader can guide the user to complete tasks.

    • Continuously test the software using screen readers and list the screen readers that we support.

  • Improve colors and contrasts in the UI.

    • Improve light font colors and small font sizes.

    • Allow users to increase text size without breaking the layout.

    • Add alternatives for color-coded information for color-blind users to understand.

  • Apply plain language to the UI and make it easier to read and understand content, especially in:

    • Messages and notifications.

    • Informational text and popups.

    • Form labels.

Note that we do not commit to a timeline at the moment.


We welcome comments on how to improve the software’s accessibility for users with disabilities. Please let us know if you encounter critical barriers by contacting Magnolia support.


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