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Image provider definition has been deprecated since Magnolia 6.0. It is part of the Magnolia 5 UI framework.

For the updated implementation, see Preview definition for Magnolia 6 UI instead.

What is an image provider

Image provider is a component that renders images used in apps. It generates the portrait image at the bottom of the action bar and the thumbnails for the thumbnail view.

Image provider

Here is an example image provider definition that uses default classes.

  class: info.magnolia.ui.imageprovider.definition.ConfiguredImageProviderDefinition
  imageProviderClass: info.magnolia.ui.imageprovider.DefaultImageProvider
  originalImageNodeName: jcr:content
Property Description



Image provider definition class that reads the configuration properties and can supply additional parameters to the image provider class. The definition class must implement the ImageProviderDefinition interface. Set the value to a fully-qualified class name.



Actual implementation that generates thumbnail images. The class must implement the ImageProvider interface. You can use DefaultImageProvider, which provides images for objects of MIME type image/* and delegates to the Imaging module to generate and store the images.


optional, default is png

Extension used to deliver the image.


optional, default is /.imaging

Path where the imaging servlet resides.


optional, default is originalImage

Name of the JCR node where the original source image is stored. For example, if a file upload field on a form stores the image in a node named photo set the value to photo.

Here are the default image generator configurations that DefaultImageProvider uses. portrait is displayed at the bottom of the action bar and thumbnail in the thumbnail view.

originalImage node


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