1.2.2: Bug fixes


March 19, 2024 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.2.2

Bug fixes

1.2.1: Credentials via decoration


January 8, 2024 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.2.1

Bug fixes

This was a bug-fixing update to ensure the latest image is updated when editing assets and also that metadata such as rights and descriptions are properly saved in the Cloudinary subapp.

1.2: General maintenance


December 15, 2023 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.2


Originally, the Media Integration widget only accepted credentials through the Passwords app. Now, you can also define them as a decoration within your light module.

For more details about this option, see Configure the Media Integration widget.

1.1.17: General maintenance and bug fixes


December 8, 2023 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.17

Bug fixes

  • The module wasn’t working with the latest version of JavaScript UI module

  • There were some issues with allowedMimeTypePattern.

  • Some cache issue made it where uploaded assets were taking too long to show in the DAM browser.

1.1.16: Webhook notifications and Cloudinary widget


November 21, 2023 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.16

Bug fixes

We addressed an issue where the Media Integration widget wasn’t working with the latest JavaScript UI module. We also added the necessary roles needed so that webhook notifications were published as expected.

1.1.15: Include all types when caching


October 5, 2023 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.15

Bug fixes

We fixed an issue with query cache not caching all node types.

1.1.14: Assets and performance enhancements


October 2, 2023 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.14

Improvements Bug fixes

We introduced several improvements including:

  • Improving performance for the warmup endpoint.

  • Synchronizing the cache for Cloudinary assets.

  • Enhancing user experience working within the Assets app.

1.1.13: General maintenance and bug fixes


May 23, 2023 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.13

Bug fixes

We fixed a few issues including:

  • Ensuring both structured and contextual metadata are available in CloudinaryAsset.

  • Making sure that DAM cache is properly invalidated.

  • Allowing spaces in folder names so as to not throw exceptions in Magnolia.

1.1.12: Fetching Cloudinary metadata


April 20, 2023 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.12

Improvements Bug fixes Dependencies

We now fetch Cloudinary asseta metadata via the Cloudinary API. We also fixed a few items related to compatibility with the JavaScript UI module and DAM Connector Pack.

1.1.11: Dependency update


December 22, 2022 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.11


We updated the module to use JavaScript UI module version 2.0.

1.1.10: Mixed content errors


May 9, 2022 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.10

Bug fixes

This was a bug-fixing release to avoid mixed content errors for assets served over https and http.

1.1.9: Dependency compatibility update JavaScript UI Module


May 3, 2022 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.9

Bug fixes Dependencies

This was a bug-fixing release to ensure compatibility with JavaScript UI module.

1.1.8: DAM browser app configuration property


October 20, 2021 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.8


We have added configuration so that you can see the DAM browser app.

1.1.7: Video rendering issue


March 24, 2021 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.7

Bug fixes

The module had some rendering discrepancies between videos and images.

1.1.6: Adding Cloudinary renderer


February 24, 2021 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.6

Improvements Bug fixes

We added a dedicated renderer to handle Cloudinary asset transformations. We also addressed a minor bug where assets without a width were not rendered properly.

1.1.5: Maintenance release


February 1, 2021 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.5

This was a maintenance release only.

1.1.4: Fixes for metadata and .webp assets


January 4, 2021 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.4

Bug fixes

This bug-fixing release addressed the following issues:

  • Images edited in Magnolia sometimes lost the image metadata originally stored in Cloudinary.

  • .webp images were causing issues.

  • Asset folders were only showing the last 50 images.

1.1.3: Support for MP4 and OGG videos


November 18, 2020 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.3

Improvements Bug fixes

We added supported for both MP4 and OGG video formats as well as fixing a minor bug.

1.1.2: Support for Cloudinary webhooks


September 9, 2020 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.2


We added support for receiving Cloudinary webhooks so that when changes occur on the Cloudinary server, it is reflected in Magnolia.

1.1.1: Fixes for performance and translation


September 2, 2020 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1.1


This bug-fixing release addressed the following issues:

  • Selecting some page items caused exceptions.

  • Performance problems in tree view.

  • Missing translation keys.

1.1: Magnolia 6.2 compatibility


May 19, 2020 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.1


We made the app compatible with Magnolia 6.2.

1.0: Initial release


January 10, 2020 • Changelog: CLOUDINARY-1.0

Initial release of the module.


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