Filtering search results

Use multiple parallel filters to narrow down your search results and quickly find what you’re looking for.

You can filter both full-text Find bar search results across apps and in-app search results in the Pages and Assets apps.

The total number of search results is displayed at the bottom of the page so you can see how effective your search is and decide if you want to filter results further.
  • Find bar filters

  • Assets app filters

  • Pages app filters

The following default search result filters are available for Find bar:

  • Type - All types of content configured as searchable. By default, all content apps.

  • Tags - All the tags applied to your content in Magnolia.

  • Last editor

  • Last edited date

If you start searching when you have an app open, Magnolia automatically filters results based on the current app so you get relevant results straight away.

The following default search result filters are available in the Assets app:

  • Asset type

  • Author

  • Size

  • Status

  • Tag

The following default search result filters are available in the Pages app:

  • Author

  • Status

  • Tag

  • Template

The filters available and their options can be configured by your Magnolia administrator. Filters for external data sources can also be configured.

Filtering content

To filter the content displayed:

  1. Click + Add filter next to the search box.

    Add a filter to the Assets app
  2. Choose the filter type from the dropdown list.

  3. Select a value for the filter.

    All Assets app filters displayed
    Once you set filters, they’re kept throughout your user session. They only reset when you log out or when you remove them.
  4. Click the x icon to remove individual filters or click Remove filters on the right to remove all filters.


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