Marketing Automation integration framework

Customer data Unbundled: Framework

The Marketing Automation integration framework offers web-to-lead functionality through seamless integration with your third-party marketing software solution. Magnolia provides out-of-the-box connectors to:

  • Adobe Marketo

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

Use your forms or form fields crafted your external tools directly in Magnolia and efficiently collect data about your prospects and customers.

Out-of-the-box connectors

Magnolia provides a common framework and out-of-the-box connectors to:

Out-of-the-box connectors diagram

The typical scenario for using the Marketing Automation integration framework is:

  • Marketers create forms or form fields in your dedicated marketing software tool.

  • Developers use our out-of-the-box connectors or write a custom implementation to pull forms or fields into Magnolia.

  • Editors insert the whole form or select form fields using the preconfigured component in the Pages app.

  • The form is rendered in the public instance where your website visitors fill it in.

  • Magnolia captures the data and sends it directly back to your marketing software tool, enriching the data you have for your leads.

Integrate and use your external forms or form fields

Magnolia provides pre-configured connectors to integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Adobe Marketo. You can pull existing external forms or form fields into Magnolia with minimal configuration required and render forms on your website.

Magnolia supports progressive profiling forms often offered by marketing tools.

The Marketing Automation integration framework provides a sample marketing forms page component in the Pages app so that editors and marketers can select and use:

  • A form you previously crafted in your external tool.

  • A selection of individual form fields configured in your external tool.

Example of a whole form built in Marketo and retrieved in Magnolia:

Example of a whole form built in Marketo and retrieved in Magnolia

Example of selected fields from Salesforce Sales Cloud combined into a form in Magnolia:

Marketing form Example of selected fields from Salesforce Sales Cloud combined into a form in Magnolia


Magnolia provides an API to enable the Magnolia author instance to get form or field data from your external marketing software tool. It sends the customer and lead data collected directly back to your external tool over REST.

Data Privacy recommendations

Magnolia does not store any leads nor consent in the system - this is handled in your external system. As such, you must cater to data privacy concerns in your third-party marketing software solution. We provide the following basic recommendations as a starting point.

When handling data privacy and consent collection for external forms, Magnolia recommends you:

  • Collect consent on the same form where you collect personal data from visitors.

  • Store the consent together with the visitor record in the connected system (Marketo, Salesforce Sales Cloud, other).
    You will be sending email marketing from the connected system where consent is readily available for marketers to make an informed decision that respects the visitor’s correspondence preferences.

There are several elements you need to add to your lead capture form and the external system of record.

At a minimum, these are:

  • Privacy policy page on your site that explains the purposes of collecting personal data. For example, this is Magnolia’s privacy policy page.

  • Link to the privacy policy page from every form where you collect personal data.

  • Consent field added to every form. For example, a checkbox is a clear affirmative action.

  • Fields in the lead record:

    • Consent given: Yes'' or ``No.

    • Consent last updated: Date and time.

    • Consent notes: Purpose of processing and how the consent was obtained.

You may also need a page on your site where visitors can manage their email subscription preferences. For example, Magnolia uses this page for both updating preferences and opting out.


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