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This content app framework has been deprecated since Magnolia 6.0. It is part of the Magnolia 5 UI framework.

The content app user interface consists of subapps, a workbench and an action bar. These reusable parts let you build content apps quickly.

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Content app

A Content app is a specialized app type for managing structured content. The content app user interface consists of a browser subapp and one or more detail subapps. Content apps make it easy to enter items such as products or events. Many native Magnolia apps such as Tours and Contacts are content apps. Because this app style is used often, the framework provides convenience classes to make building a content app faster.


A content app always has at least two subapps: browser and detail. A subapp is typically displayed to users as a tab.

Browser subapp

A browser subapp gives you a workbench that displays the content of a workspace. It can display the content in tree, list and thumbnail views. It also provides an action bar with action for managing the content items.

Browser subapp

Detail subapp

A detail subapp provides an editor for editing the items.

Detail subapp


Workbench is a view that displays content items in a workspace. It’s part of the content app framework, typically defined in the browser subapp. The workbench contains a list of content views. Common view types are tree, list, and thumbnail.

By default, JCR content apps use the tree view type.

The Pages and Assets apps also use another type of workbench definition: the filtering workbench definition that supports search and filtering capabilities.

Workbench view

Publication Status

The content app displays the publication status in the status columns of the workbench:

Here we talk about status for content. Content that is created by content editors. This should not be confused with configuration status since configuration is installed.

Publication status key
Status Description


Content is published from the author instance to the public instance. Identical content exists on both instances.


Content was modified since publication. The author instance isn’t in sync with the public.


Content exists only on the author instance.

Marked for deletion

Content is marked for deletion but still appears in the list (grayed out). It can be restored or permanently deleted.

Publication status

Action bar

An action bar makes actions available to users. The action bar is typically displayed on the right-hand side of the browser subapp. The action bar definition organizes actions into sections (green label) and groups (between horizontal lines). Availability rules determine which section is displayed to the user. For example, when the user selects a content item in the browser subapp, availability rules display only actions that are relevant to working with that item. A group contains actions that have something in common, such as actions for adding things.

Action bar

Action popup

Action popup is a context menu that is displayed when the user right-clicks an item. You should only display often used actions in the popup so that it remains usable. If your app only has a few actions, you may want to simply extend the action bar. This way the popup displays the same actions as the action bar. Extending also allows you to manage the items in one place rather than two.

Action pop-up

What is an image provider

Image provider is a component that renders images used in apps. It generates the portrait image at the bottom of the action bar and the thumbnails for the thumbnail view.

Image provider

What is an editor

Editor is a component that edits a content item. The editor typically contains a form. In a content app, you should create an editor definition under the detail subapp. Define the node types the editor edits, a form for editing them, and actions for saving the edit.

Contact editor


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