Magnolia Cloud update - December 2017

These changes are available in the latest update of Magnolia in the cloud.

Magnolia CORE

With this update, you can use Magnolia CORE 5.5.7 when setting up your environments in the cloud .

Headless cloud

The new Magnolia headless cloud offer bundles a lighter selection of enterprise-level modules enabling you to create content and use it in headless deployment scenarios.

See Supported modules in the cloud for a list of modules included in the headless cloud offer.

Choose your environments

Flexible subscription packages offer you only the environments you need for your project. Choose between:

  • A single Live environment only for small projects where you can test all changes on your local development instance.

  • Only the Integration and the Live environments for medium projects.

  • All three environments – Integration, UAT and Live – for the full development workflow and advanced Enterprise needs. The documentation generally covers this scenario.

Edit user permissions

The default superuser user is now disabled in Magnolia Cloud. When you subscribe to Magnolia Cloud, we provide you with login credentials to access both the cockpit and the cloud-based Magnolia instances in each environment.

All the users created by Magnolia belong to the default cloud groups:

  • developers

  • owners

  • supporters

Note that these default cloud user groups have the superuser role by default. You must edit the roles assigned to the groups depending on the permissions you want to grant in the Security app of the author instance of each environment. The permissions you grant depend on your project requirements. In the Security app of the author instance of each environment, you can also create user accounts for users such as content editors who will not have access to the cockpit but will work only with the instances.

You can view the default cloud user groups in the Security app and in the People section of the cockpit.

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High availability for public instances

Magnolia Cloud now leverages multiple independent Availability Zones (AZ) in different regions to safeguard your public instances and ensure your website is always available.

Public instances are distributed into separate AZ so that if public instances in one AZ go down, your users are still served by other public instances in another AZ.

Improved security with SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is now activated for the cockpit and your public instances. SSL encrypts all the data transfered between your Magnolia Cloud website and its visitors.

SSL allows visitors to navigate your website and submit information through a secure connection. As the owner of the Magnolia Cloud subscription package, your company is also listed as the owner of the SSL certificate to reassure visitors of the authenticity of your website.

SSL is indicated by the https in the URL.


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