Magnolia Cloud update - March 2017

These changes are available in the latest update of Magnolia in the cloud.

Magnolia CORE

This update of Magnolia in the cloud is built on Magnolia CORE 5.5.2.

Added support for modules

Support for the following Magnolia modules has been added to our cloud offering:

Copy an environment’s content for testing purposes

You can now copy the content from one environment to another for testing purposes. You can copy:

  • From Live to UAT or Integration.

  • From UAT to Integration.

The copy operation copies all content from the Magnolia JCR workspaces from the source environment (except for subscribers configuration data). This includes editor-created content, such as pages and assets, and administrator-created content in the config workspace as well as users, roles and groups. Content from both the author and the public instances is copied to corresponding target instances.

It does not copy any light modules deployed in the source environment. This enables you to test a new or updated light module on the basis of your Live or UAT content.

All content in the target environment is overridden, except the /server/activation/subscribers node).

Create workspaces and node types

The Content Types module enables you to create custom JCR workspaces and node types for your YAML-based apps using light development.

Once the node type and workspace are registered, you drop the YAML-based app into your light module folder. The new app is registered automatically.


The Multisite module allows you to administer multiple websites, accessible via different domains, from a single Magnolia cloud subscription package.

Activity log improvements

The timestamps displayed in the Magnolia cockpit activity log have been tweaked to make them clearer. You can also now choose to display the log entries in your server’s timezone by selecting the option at the top of the table. Otherwise, the entries are displayed in your browser’s timezone.


The previously supported neat-resources is part of the Resources module since Magnolia CORE 5.5.2 (magnolia-resources-templating 2.5.1) as explained in resfn.

resfn creates links to CSS and JavaScript files by patterns you define. It enables you to provide a single pattern or a list of patterns to match files from all resources. Use the methods #css, #cachedCss, #js or #cachedJs depending on your needs.

Google Sitemap

The Google Sitemap module is no longer supported in the cloud. Magnolia recommends you create a dedicated template instead.


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