Committing and pushing to the remote Magnolia Git repository

After developing and testing new code in your local instance of Magnolia, you are ready to commit and push your work to the remote Magnolia Git repository.

This page explains how to send your new features to the remote repository to make them available in your cloud-based Magnolia package. Remember that the code must be stored in the light-modules directory of your local Git repository.

To get your code updates to the cloud-based Magnolia package, you execute three Git commands:

  • add your code to the Git index.

  • commit the files that you have added to the index.

  • push the commit(s) to the remote repository.

The commit command creates an entry in the Git repository history. You can do multiple commits before pushing. If you are an advanced Git user, you can also rebase your commits before pushing them.

If you have achieved an important milestone in your project, add a Git tag to the commit. Later on, you can Deploying a snapshot in your Magnolia package based on a branch or on a tag.

Here are the (simplified) Git commands. You should execute them in the root folder of the local Git repository:

cd /Users/<username>/dev/repo/mgnl-cloud-packages/magnolia-docs
git add light-modules/
git commit -m "Add light-module 'hello-cloud'"
git pull
git push

After you commit and before you push, you should pull. The Git pull commands means fetch & merge. Pull gets the latest changes from the remote repository. If there has been a change pushed by somebody else before your last pull, you may have to resolve a conflict.

Git may prompt you for a password to the remote Git repository when executing git push.

This is a simplified description of how you can work with Git. In a more realistic scenario, you could work on a Git branch or fork, possibly with multiple remote git repositories: one for development only and the one connected to Magnolia for deployment.

Once you have pushed your work to the remote Git repository, you can access your work through the Magnolia cockpit.


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