Creating a backup manually

This page describes how to manually back up the Live environment of a Magnolia cloud-based site.

Magnolia also creates backups automatically (see when data is backed up for further information).

You can create manual backups as often as you want. However, only the latest one is stored.

Create manual backup

  1. In the Site overview page, click Manage environments in the Environments section.

  2. Under Back up and Restore, click Back up Content.

    user interface backup action

  3. Confirm the actions of the back up operation and click Back up.

    user interface confirm backup action

    The backup action is triggered.

  4. Click OK.

Cockpit actions

All actions in the Magnolia cockpit are asynchronous, so you can click OK before the backup is complete.

The action runs in the background and a notification appears once it is complete. The action also appears in the activity log.


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