Protecting environments

This page explains how to protect your environments in your cloud-based Magnolia package. You may want to do this to prevent them from being unintentionally torn down or upgraded.

When you protect an environment, it cannot be torn down or upgraded until the protection is disabled again.

You use the same cockpit wizard to enable and disable protection.

To protect an environment:

  1. In the Package overview page, click Manage environments in the Environments section.

  2. Click Termination protection.

  3. Choose the environment you want to protect: Live, UAT or Integration. You can only select one environment at a time.

  4. Confirm the consequences of the action and click Enable protection.

  5. Click OK. As all actions in the Magnolia cockpit are asynchronous, you can click on OK before the action is complete. The action runs in the background and a notification will display once it is complete. The action also appears in the activity log.

To disable protection, follow the same steps as above but select a protected environment and click Disable protection instead.

When an environment is protected, a green shield icon is displayed next to it in the Package overview.


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