Promoting a release to UAT

Once a release has been created it can be promoted the Integration, UAT (User Acceptance Testing), or Live environment. Typically, a new release is first promoted to Integration, then UAT for testing first. UAT is the environment where stakeholders, such as authors and site managers, can see the development changes that have been made and decide whether they satisfy their requirements. Once the changes have been tested and accepted in the UAT environment, the release can be promoted in the Live environment.


Promote a release

  1. In Promoted releases, click Manage updates.

    cloud user interface

  2. Click Promote a release.


  3. Promote the release:

    1. Select the release you want to promote and click Next. Latest versions display first. Select Other site releases for a dropdown of earlier versions.


    2. Select the environment to promote in and click Next. Environments that have not been set up are not available for selection.

    3. Confirm the consequences of the promotion and click Promote.

      Promotion may take a few minutes. As all actions in the cockpit are asynchronous, you can click on OK before the promotion is complete: the action will run in the background and a notification will appear once it is complete.

      The promotion action appears in the activity log and a notification banner is displayed. The new release details are displayed in Environments section of the Package overview page.

Test changes on updated environment

To check that the environment is running on the correct release:

  • Click Edit content in Author space of the environment on which you promoted the release.

  • Log in to Magnolia and check that the updates included in the release are present. Usually a content editor may try out new features such as templates, or the like.

Avoid hotfixing problems in the Resources app because the changes are not propagated back to your git repository.

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