Onboarding to Magnolia Cloud


Interested in using Magnolia for your cloud-based project? Contact us for a demo and let’s get you started.

During the subscription process, we ask you to provide details about your project, such as:

  • A short name for your company (limited to 7 lowercase characters), for example, acmecrp.

  • The name of your project to be used as your subscription package name in the UI, for example, Acme Corporation Website.

  • A short name for your project (limited to 7 lowercase characters), for example, acmeweb.

  • Regions where your editors work.

  • User accounts required (full name, email address, role, and at least one telephone number for notifications).

  • Domain names.

  • Planned integrations.

Having this information ready means we can get you up and running faster.


Congratulations on your subscription to Magnolia!

After subscribing, you receive an email from the Magnolia Help Desk with information on:

  • How to connect to Magnolia Cloud.

  • The user accounts created for you.

  • The Git repository address for your subscription package.

  • Magnolia JIRA credentials.

  • Magnolia Nexus credentials.

  • Some Magnolia Cloud documentation links to help you get started.


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