Supported modules in the cloud

This page describes the supported features of Magnolia Cloud.

Magnolia Cloud bundle variants

Magnolia offers two Cloud bundle variants to suit the needs of our customers and partners.

Standard bundle – Light Development

This variant includes the standard Magnolia DX Core bundle.

This cloud variant focuses on speed and agility for your projects. Your site is hosted in Magnolia Cloud; Magnolia manages the environment as a service.

The fully managed environment provides the infrastructure for Light Development as well as the Cockpit, which you use for:

  • Configuration

  • Deployment workflow

  • Backup and restore

  • Logs and Monitoring

  • Additional services

With this cloud variant, you can customize Magnolia using light development and manage the deployment environment via the Cockpit.

Custom bundle – Light Development and Java Development

This cloud variant is geared toward complex projects that need a high level of customization. With this cloud variant, you can customize Magnolia using both Light Development and Java custom modules.

Your site is hosted in Magnolia Cloud and you or your chosen Partner manages the creation of custom Java modules and the deployment of the bundle. This variant provides the highest level of flexibility allowing for a custom CMS that fits your unique needs.

Our experienced Services team is available to provide best practices and help you onboard to our cloud.

Connector Packs

  • Analytics Connector Pack

  • DAM Connector Pack

Cloud offer limitations

The Magnolia cloud offer includes the Configuration app that allows you to configure your modules.

Here is a list of known limitations for modules which are part of the Magnolia cloud software bundle:

Module Limitation in the cloud offer Suggested workaround

Content Translation Support

Content from YAML-based dialogs cannot be translated.

Form module

No additional validators or form processors (which require Java).

Use Regexp and other default validators.

Personalization module

No Java-based custom traits.

Use cookie-based traits.

REST module

No custom (Java-based) endpoints.

Configure custom Delivery API with YAML, use the default endpoints Nodes and Properties.

REST Tools (part of REST module)

Requires the configuration of the property apiBasePath and subsequent restart of the instance.

Workflow module

Customization is not possible.

RSS Aggregator module

Performance issues

Not recommended for use with Magnolia Cloud.

JavaScript Models module

Performance issues

Not recommended for use with Magnolia Cloud.

3rd-party libraries list

A list of licenses of third-party libraries used by Magnolia as part of the build is displayed in the Libraries license info tab of the About app.

On Magnolia Cloud, there is no other option to get an overview of these libraries and their licenses.


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