Updating CLI to v3

The behaviour of the CLI can be customized. If you haven’t customized your CLI v2, only the first step is required to update Magnolia CLI to v3.

Updating CLI using the npm command

To update your Magnolia CLI installation, use the npm update command:

npm update @magnolia/cli -g

On Linux or OS-X, you may need to run this command with superuser rights. The command installs Magnolia CLI globally and overwrites the previous globally-installed configuration files.

Updating a customized local v2 configuration

If you have customized your CLI v2 configuration with the customize-local-config command, you have two options to update the configuration to Magnolia CLI v3:

  1. If you do not need the v2 customizations anymore: delete the mgnl-cli.json and mgnl-cli-prototypes directory in the location of the customized configuration.

  2. If you do need the customizations: you must migrate the CLI v2 configuration (mgnl-cli.json and prototype files). This is explained in the steps below.

Migrating the CLI v2 configuration

To migrate your local CLI configuration:

  • Move your existing mgnl-cli.json and mgnl-cli-prototypes directory to another backup location.

  • Run the mgnl customize-local-config command to place new default versions of those files there.

  • Reapply the customizations from the backup location to those new file versions as explained in more detail below.

Migrating mgnl-cli.json

In CLI v3, the contents of mgnl-cli.json have changed. Compare it with your backup copy of the customized CLI v2 mgnl-cli.json file, and copy the customizations that you want to the newly created file.

Typically, only the webapps and downloadJars nodes are customized. The following node is no longer used by the CLI: lightDevFoldersInModule.

Migrating prototype files

We recommend leaving the prototype variants installed with CLI v3 intact and migrating your original CLI v2 prototypes to a third variant that has a new name but is based on the _default variant provided in Magnolia CLI v3. This allows you to choose from three variants provided by Magnolia (_default, empty, with-js-model) and one migrated from CLI v2 by you to create a page or component template.

You may use any name for the third variant. In the example below we chose fromCLI2.

  1. In the newly created mgnl-cli-prototypes directory, make a copy of the _default variants for components and pages.

  2. Rename the newly created variants to fromCLI2. The 1st and 2nd levels of your v3 prototypes folder then look like this:

    mgnl-cli-prototypes (folder in CLI v3 with a custom fromCLI2 variant)

├── block
│ ├── _default
│ └── empty
├── component
│ ├── _default
│ ├── empty
│ ├── fromCLI2
│ └── with-js-model
├── light-module
│ ├── comprehensive
│ └── _default
├── page
│ ├── _default
│ ├── empty
│ ├── fromCLI2
│ └── with-js-model
└── virtual-uri
    ├── _default
    ├── empty
    └── regexp
  1. Copy your backup CLI v2 prototype files to the respective subfolders of fromCLI2.

  2. Delete the original yaml and ftl files in the target folders.

  3. Rename the migrated files in the target folders to name.
    See the following figures and the corresponding line numbers:

Migrating content in the root component subtree


Migrating content in the root page subtree



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