Magnolia’s architecture is built around a monolithic Java Web application combined with a modular design, offering adaptability for various content-driven projects.

It leverages key components such as the module system, UI framework, and JCR data-binding to provide a comprehensive platform for content delivery, with an emphasis on security and performance through global security measures and a built-in cache system.

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DX Core modular architecture diagram

Key aspects

Java/Jakarta Servlet Container

Magnolia operates as a Java Web application, often deployed within a Jakarta Servlet Container, typically Tomcat. Containerization using Docker is a prevalent practice, enhancing scalability and deployment efficiency.

Module system

The architecture incorporates a module system, enabling a modular monolith approach. This allows for the development and integration of distinct features and functionalities, providing a scalable and customizable foundation for different project requirements.

Configuration sources and registries

Magnolia employs configuration sources and registries, facilitating light development with live reload capabilities. This allows for real-time updates by detecting external file changes, streamlining the development process.

UI framework, JCR data-binding, and persistency

The User Interface (UI) framework, coupled with Java Content Repository (JCR) data-binding and persistency mechanisms, is the backbone for both standard and bespoke applications. This architecture ensures efficient handling and management of content, supporting a variety of content delivery approaches.

Content delivery

Magnolia is well-suited for content delivery across different projects and technologies, including Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Headless implementations. Its adaptable architecture accommodates different content presentation strategies, making it a versatile choice for diverse web projects.

Request processing flow

The request processing flow in a servlet environment defines how Magnolia handles incoming requests. This process ensures efficient and predictable handling of user interactions, providing a stable foundation for building web applications.

Global security

Magnolia emphasizes security as a built-in feature. The architecture incorporates robust global security measures, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and resources.

Cache mechanism

The presence of a built-in cache mechanism enhances performance by optimizing the retrieval and delivery of frequently accessed content. This contributes to a smoother user experience and improved system responsiveness.


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