External configuration for publishing receivers

Publishing receivers are configured using MicroProfile Config. You can supply MicroProfile configurations using:

  • properties files

  • YAML files

  • system properties or environment variables (and more)

To point to your config file, you must pass the smallrye.config.locations as a system property (for example, using Tomcat VM options in the setenv.sh configuration file), pointing to the directory where your config file resides (for example -Dsmallrye.config.locations=/opt/magnolia/mounted-config).

  • microprofile-config.properties

  • microprofile-config.yaml

      - name: magnoliaPublic-0
        url: http://dev-magnolia-helm-public-0-svc:8080
      - name: magnoliaPublic-1
        url: http://dev-magnolia-helm-public-1-svc:8080

The default receiver for local development (magnoliaPublic8080) has been removed.

Receiver example for local development
magnolia.publishing.receivers[0].url=http://{host}:{port}/magnoliaPublic (1)
1 Put the path magnoliaPublic in the URL for local development.

Previous (Magnolia 6.2) definition in JCR

In Magnolia 6.2, publishing receivers were configured in JCR, under the publishing-core module. This made it difficult to provision instances across multiple environments and configure receivers during installation or startup through various JCR bootstrapping techniques.

Node name Value

πŸ“ modules

     πŸ“ publishing-core

         πŸ“ config

             βΈ¬ receivers

                 βΈ¬ magnoliaPublic8080

                     ⬩ url

                     ⬩ enabled


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