MicroProfile Config

MicroProfile Config defines a set of supported default ConfigSources for environment variables, system properties, and META-INF/microprofile-config.properties files on the classpath with specific ordinals.

Magnolia can scan more locations for configuration properties files and uses the SmallRye Config library for implementation. It supports passing such locations through the magnolia.config.locations configuration property, which is defined as a system or environment property.

You can also specify locations via magnolia.properties.
Java system property from command line
magnolia.properties file

This enables developers to build containerized images of Magnolia once, and deploy anywhere; for example, when using Docker bind mounts or Kubernetes ConfigMaps.

Raw view of MicroProfile Config values

To see exactly where a specific MicroProfile Config property is coming from, what precedence and values it has, see the Config info tab in the About app.

To locate a property, start typing its name in the Configuration column`s filter field:

Viewing MicroProfile Config properties in the About app

Property injection

While Magnolia supports injecting @ConfigProperty fields into managed components, it’s not fully interoperable with the CDI specification.

Magnolia uses Google Guice for dependency injection.
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