Publishing changes only

When you publish a node and its children you often end up publishing content whose status is already Published. Such nodes don’t need to be published but it is often more convenient to just publish the whole tree than node-by-node.

To improve author instance performance, exclude already-published nodes from the action. Publish modified nodes only. This may help performance and scalability in cases where the author instance has a high concurrent load (many editors activating large amounts of content at the same time).

To publish only modified pages, add the modifiedOnly property under the params node in the dialog action definition and set it to true.

This is typically found under /pages/apps/pages-app.yaml file under the publishRecursive section.
        icon: icon-publish-incl-sub
        $type: jcrCommandAction
        command: publish
        asynchronous: true
          recursive: true
          modifiedOnly: true (1)
1 The modifiedOnly property is a Boolean that tells Magnolia to publish only modified pages (true) or publish all pages (false).
Table 1. Properties


Publishes only nodes that are modified or never published. Excludes nodes that are already published.

optional, default is false

You cannot assume that a page has the same state on author and public instance just because the publishing status is Published (green). It is possible to manipulate pages on the public instance after publishing.

For example, you can change content on a public instance by importing, cloning or via the REST API without the author instance knowing. If such non-publishing activity changes content on your public instances, you may want to allow editors to publish a page even if its status is green to override the non-publishing changes. In this case, set the modifiedOnly property to false.

Suppose you publish a page at 14:14. The mgnl:lastActivated property on the author instance in the JCR app would also show this time if you enable the display of system properties.

Author instance

lastActivated on author instance

The mgnl:lastActivated property is removed on public instances because it is irrelevant for the publishing time. See here for more details.


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