Certified stack

The following software components have passed Magnolia’s certification testing for compatibility and performance with Magnolia DX Core and the Apache Jackrabbit Java Content Repository.

Unless specified otherwise, all currently supported or LTS releases can be used.

Operating systems

  • Container-based environments

  • Linux

  • Windows

  • macOS

If you want to use any container-based implementation, use a base image based on JDK 17, as in the case in the official Tomcat container (tomcat:9.0.88-jre17-temurin).

  • Ubuntu and Debian

  • Generally, Magnolia should work on any modern Linux distribution.

  • Windows Server and Windows 10

  • macOS

Are you running Magnolia on an OS that is not listed here? Let us know by posting to the forum and mailing lists.


Magnolia releases run on the current LTS Java version at the time of the first release.

Java version Magnolia

Java 21 (LTS)

Magnolia runs on Java 21 JVMs, but requires classes to be compiled at most with JDK 17, due to the version of the ASM library shipped with the product.

Java 17 (LTS)

The build base for Magnolia 6.3.

Maven coordinates

Magnolia 6.3 remains on the Jakarta EE 8 baseline. However, in preparation for a future Jakarta EE 9+ update, which will be breaking, the Maven coordinates of the EE 8 API specifications have been updated to the Jakarta EE Maven Coordinates.


Example of replacing Java EE 8 with Jakarta EE 8 artifacts

Application servers

  • Supported and certified

  • Supported but not certified

  • Apache Tomcat

    We recommend you use the latest version of Tomcat 9.

    Check Apache’s Apache Tomcat - Which Version Do I Want? page to find out about compatibility between Tomcat and Java versions.

    For Debian 12, you need the latest version of Tomcat 9. Debian 12 comes with a Tomcat version that isn’t compatible with Magnolia 6.3 due to the Jakarta EE 8 baseline of Magnolia 6.3.

The following servers are not certified, only supported. We provide support for them if you use them, but we do not proactively test them for major or maintenance releases of Magnolia.

  • Wildfly 27 - 29 (Java 17)

  • Wildfly 30 and higher (Java 17, Java 21)

  • JBoss EAP 7.0 and higher

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server 9 and higher

  • IBM WebSphere Liberty and higher

IBM WebSphere is supported only with DX Core and with the special Magnolia package for IBM WebSphere.


  • External

  • Embedded

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL

  • Oracle Database

  • H2

    We don’t recommend using H2 for production environments.

  • Derby

    Apache Derby is only supported as an embedded database in a packaged version for low-volume use only.

Magnolia BOM manages versions of the embedded databases.

Cloud providers

You can deploy Magnolia on major cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform and generally in any Kubernetes cluster.


  • Apache Jackrabbit (2.x series)

Magnolia BOM manages the version of the repository.


The Magnolia Admincentral and any Magnolia front-end (sites built with MTE) are compatible with major web browsers such as Chrome or Safari, released within the past two years.

We don’t proactively test Magnolia for use with the emerging browsers but we do our best effort to give support for them if you use them.

Admincentral UI is designed for desktop or small screens and tablets.


DX Core



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6.3 beta

Magnolia 6.3 beta

Magnolia 6.3 is in beta. We are updating docs based on development and feedback. Consider the 6.3 docs currently in a state of progress and not final.

We are working on some 6.3-beta known issues during this phase.