Publishing Tools app

This Publishing Tools app is installed by the Publishing module and has two subapps: Tools and Monitor.


In the Tools subapp, you can generate a new public key and clean the mgnlSystem workspace.

Tools subapp


The Monitor subapp allows you to monitor publishing details. Track who published what and when.

Monitor subapp

  • Overview: Number of publishing and unpublishing requests, errors, committed and rollbacked transactions, content size and time needed for publication.

    In the example below, there is only one publishing request. 1880 ms is how long the HTTP publication request took from the author to the public instance, including publishing the content on the public instance. 10 ms is for the second HTTP commit request that is sent when the publication request is successful (transactional publications only).

    Monitor subapp - Example publishing request

  • Publishing requests per workspace: Number of publication items per workspace.

  • Public instance response: Maximum, minimum and average response time for each receiver.

  • Publishing log: Details of each publication. Can be filtered by user.

  • Error log: Publishing error log.

See Publishing security for more information about using the Publishing Tools app.


The Publishing Tools app is installed by the Publishing module. Access to the app is restricted to the superuser role in the app configuration and app launcher layout.

The app configuration is bootstrapped from /publishing-app/apps/publishing.yaml.

YAML configuration file for Publishing Tools app
name: publishing
    label: Tools
    label: Monitor
    superuser: superuser

You can access and modify the configuration via the Resource Files app or decorate the configuration from another module.

Publishing log storage

Publishing logs are stored in memory through info.magnolia.publishing.monitor.MemoryPublishingStorage, which is registered in Configuration > /modules/publishing-core/config/publishingLogStorage.

You can customize the storage by extending the MemoryPublishingStorage interface.

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