Development environment

Developing with Magnolia requires a minimal set of tools.

Front-end and templating

  • Text editor for editing YAML files and CSS and JavaScript resources.

  • Application server such as Apache Tomcat, included in the Community and DX Core bundles.

  • Magnolia CLI is an npm package providing a command line interface to facilitate light development.

Back-end and Java

  • Java SE Development Kit

  • IDE such as Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA

  • Application server such as Apache Tomcat

  • Version control system such as Git.

  • Maven to manage project dependencies and build your project.


DX Core



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6.3 beta

Magnolia 6.3 beta

Magnolia 6.3 is in beta. We are updating docs based on development and feedback. Consider the 6.3 docs currently in a state of progress and not final.

We are working on some 6.3-beta known issues during this phase.