Component autogeneration

Autogeneration creates components inside an area automatically without editor involvement. Anything you define under the content node will be autogenerated.

Autogeneration behavior

Autogenerated components behave differently from normal components:

  • Ordered as defined: In an empty area, components are autogenerated in the same order as they are defined in the area definition.

  • New components are placed last: If an area already has autogenerated components, newly defined components will be placed last.

  • Cannot delete permanently: When you delete an autogenerated component, it is regenerated and placed last in the area.

Autogeneration properties

Configure component autogeneration in an area definition under the autoGeneration node.

Example definition
    renderType: freemarker
    type: single
          nodeType: mgnl:component
          templateId: my-module:components/quotation
          quotationText: <p>Carpe diem.</p>
          citedPerson: Horace
            class: java.util.ArrayList
            0: Hesperides1648
            1: Marvell1681
            2: Frost1938
      generatorClass: info.magnolia.rendering.generator.CopyGenerator
Properties under autoGeneration
Property Description



Parent node for autogenerated content. Anything you define under this node will be autogenerated. To create multi-value properties, see the references property in the example definition above.

     <component name>


Name of the autogenerated component.



When set to mgnl:component, defines the referenced item as a component and generates a component node.



Component ID in <module>:<path> format that references a component definition.


required, default is info.magnolia.rendering.generator.CopyGenerator

Class that generates nodes based on the definition. The default info.magnolia.rendering.generator.CopyGenerator creates a copy of the exact nodes and properties you define under the content node. To create a custom generator class, make sure you implement the info.magnolia.rendering.generator.Generator interface.

Component autogeneration in SPA

See Component autogeneration and inheritance in the Headless Docs.

For this usage, the endpoint must be configured with $type: jcrPagesDeliveryEndpoint_v2.

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