JCR observation definition

The JCR observation definition lets you configure an automatic observation mechanism in case of performance issues. This is particularly useful with apps while using a browser subapp with a grid.

Example definitions

  • Example

  • Disabled

  $type: jcrDatasource
  workspace: website
    delay: 2000
  $type: jcrDatasource
  workspace: website
    enabled: false

List of properties

Property Description


optional, default is true

The automatic observation could be disabled by setting this property to false. Note that browser subapp won’t be refreshed automatically for changes made by other users.


optional, default is 500

Minimum delay in milliseconds after which a browser subapp is refreshed when an event occurs.

Disabling JCR observation

Enabling automatic observation comes with trade-offs. With default delay limits set, problems with the grid responsiveness may occur if there are many items in the workspace or lots of actions are performed in a short period of time.

How do I improve grid responsiveness?

Raising delay could help with browser subapp responsiveness. Effective values for these delays differ from instance to instance.

Disabling this observation is the ultimate solution for the grid to be operable, whatever is happening in the background.

Reducing the number of observation events reduces the number of updates to the grid, making it more responsive. Keep in mind, however, that the grid will be less up-to-date with changes made by other users.

Take care when disabling jcrObservation. You should only disable the property for a particular app when experiencing performance problems with its browser subapp.

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