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The PaaS Cockpit is the control center for your Magnolia deployment. From the Cockpit, you can manage different aspects of your deployment.

What can you do from the Cockpit?
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Platform Update tiers

Platform Update tiers are where you let us know how you want us to proceed with managing critical platform updates such as updates to infrastructure, Kubernetes, and other operational components for your PaaS project.

This is broken down into the following tiers:

Tier Description Announce Approval

Tier 1

You do not require an announcement regarding updates, but we need approval to perform the updates.

Tier 2

You would like an announcement made regarding updates, but we can perform the updates without explicit approval.

Tier 3

You would like an announcement made regarding updates and the update window should be confirmed between both parties.

Set tier preference on Cockpit

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You can set your preference for Platform Updates directly from the Cockpit.

  1. Go to Subscription preferences.

  2. Under Platform Updates, choose your desired Tier.

    choose update tier

Multitenant selector

You may have different business entities in your PaaS subscription where resources are separated into different clusters. If so, you can easily switch between these tenants directly from your Cockpit.

If you do not have multiple tenants, you will not see the tenant selector.


  1. Be sure you’re logged into your Cockpit.

  2. In the top right, select your desired tenant. That’s all, folks.

    tenant selector




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