GitLab CI/CD

PaaS works best when using GitLab. This is because GitLab not only hosts the code, as all other git repositories and hosting services do, it also handles your PaaS deployment. If you do choose to use GitLab, your development changes are automatically picked up and deployed through what is configured in your .gitlab-ci.yml file using GitLab’s CI/CD setup.

It is not required that you use GitLab to host and deploy your PaaS project.
gitlab cicd
Figure 1. Source from GitLab

What are the benefits?

We recommend GitLab for the build, integration, and deployment process. This way, developers can create temporary environments to work on features. They can then make these environments available to business stakeholders for testing and feedback.

Once a feature is completed, developers commit their code to the GitLab repository and GitLab handles the rest by automatically deploying the code to the integration environment, where it can be tested and deployed to UAT and production.

integration and deployment process
Figure 2. Integration and deployment




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