Light modules

PaaS allows you to leverage the power of light-modules combined with your java development.

Light module pages for PaaS:

Magnolia light modules

A Magnolia light module is a file and folder-based module. It can define every Magnolia item which can be configured in YAML – such as apps, content types, templates, dialogs, themes, and others. It can also contain a lightweight YAML-based module descriptor and web resources such as css and javascript files.

Light modules can be built with a simple text editor, with no special tools (such as Maven) required.

A light module cannot incorporate java classes.

What items can be defined in a light module?

The following items can be defined within a light module using YAML. Items defined by YAML can be decorated, or can be reused with YAML inherit and include.

Non YAML-based items can also be used/found in light modules.

Creating a light module with Magnolia CLI

Using the Magnolia CLI introduction you can create the folder structure for a light module with the command create-light-module.

  1. Ensure you have Magnolia CLI introduction installed:

    mgnl -v

    You should see something similar to the following:

    Magnolia CLI: 3.1.1-snapshot (node.js: v12.18.1)
  1. Go to your light modules directory, and execute the following command:

    mgnl create-light-module <light-module>
When creating a name for a module, do not use spaces, accented characters such as é, à, ç, ä, ö, ü or special characters (e.g. slashes /, \ and so on). The name must match the regular expression [a-zA-Z0-9-_].




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