The PaaS Audit section in the Cockpit displays audit logs.

Select desired cluster

Select your desired cluster from the dropdown menu at the top of the Cockpit.

select cluster id

Audit logs

PaaS stores audit logs. Audit logs show different actions triggered by your team while they navigate and use the Cockpit. These actions range from logins to those performing backup operations.

You can select up to the last 7 days for this filter.

How long do you keep the logs?

Generally, we keep logs for 30 days. However, for your deployment, you may configure a different duration.

From Logs > Audit:

View from the Cockpit

audit logs

  1. Select your desired API from the dropdown.

  2. If desired, enter a username to filter on.

  3. Select your desired Date range.

  4. If desired, enter a term to filter on.

  5. Click Apply filters.

Log format

Each audit log provides a timestamp along with other pertinent information. See the Log fields below for more details.

Log fields

Field Description Example



The username of the person or entity that performed the action.



The action performed. This is typically an API operation.

example values
  • getUsers

  • getFeatures

  • getClusters

  • getAuditLogs




An object containing information about the action.

  "username": "",
  "resource": "NotificationResource",
  "action": "getNotifications",
  "type": "audit",
  "parameters": {
    "displayOnLogin": "true",
    "archived": "false",
    "read": "false",
    "size": "10",
    "countOnly": "false",
    "term": "null",
    "from": "null",
    "to": "null",
    "page": "0",
    "sort": "null",
    "tenant": "cockpit"
  "ip": ""



The log timestamp. This is the date and time on which the action occurred.






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