Cluster filesystem filling up


A CustomerClusterFilesystemFillingUp alert is firing. It indicates a filesystem on a node in one of your cluster(s) is almost full.

CustomerClusterFilesystemFillingUp alerts are sent to subscribers via email.


Here are the details on the alerts:

Alert: CustomerClusterFilesystemFillingUp


predict_linear(node_filesystem_avail_bytes[24h], 8 * 3600) < 0 and instance:node_filesystem_avail:ratio < 0.3


30 minutes


team: customer


  • summary

  • description

  • tenant

  • cluster_id

  • cluster_name

  • instance

  • device

  • mountpoint

Determine the cluster node and filesystem filling up

The alert contains:

  • the cluster name/id (the k8s_cluster_name and k8s_cluster_id labels)

  • the cluster node (the instance label)

  • the device (the device label)

  • the filesystem (the mountpoint label)

It’s important to note the values of these labels.


This section provides solutions that should help resolve the issue in most cases.

Increase device size for cluster

You can increase the size of the device used by the cluster node in AWS.

  1. Use the cluster node value (instance label) to find the node and the device (device label) running out of space.

  2. Increase the device size in the AWS EC2 web interface or AWS command line.

Contact the PaaS Helpdesk

If you have tried the above solutions(), and nothing has worked, reach out to us directly via the Magnolia PaaS Helpdesk.





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