Set up a multiregion cluster

If you have opted for this feature, we set up everything in the backend for your multiregion cluster approach. This can be for one additional remote satellite (passive) cluster or more. That’s up to you. However, we do need you to modify the values.yml file for your specific environments to accommodate the multiregion feature.


  • You must have installed and set up Linkerd.


The instructions here allows one Magnolia Author and as many as needed Magnolia Publics running in the primary cluster. Remote clusters can contain multiple Magnolia Publics, but no Magnolia Author service.

  1. Create (or go to) your values.yml file for your Magnolia Public service.

    1. Under linkerd, set serviceInjection to true as shown here.

          enabled: true
  2. To receive the traffic from a linked remote cluster, enable it on the primary cluster running the Magnolia Author service and list the linked remote clusters as shown here.

        enabled: true (1)
        - satellite01  (2)
    1 Ensure enabled is set to true.
    2 Where satellite01 is the name of the remote cluster.
  3. Redeploy your Magnolia PaaS project.





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