Delete indexes and workloads after Helm upgrade

When you upgrade your Helm chart because of a major release, like moving from 1.12.1 to 1.13.0, you need to delete the workloads before your next deployment. You also need to recreate the indexes folder from your Author environment.

What happens when I delete an index? 🤔

After deleting an index, the system restarts and rebuilds them based on the data found in the persistence database.

Downtime varies depending on the amount of data associated with an index. This duration ranges from seconds to hours depending. To help reduce this downtime, we use the rollingUpdate approach.

Delete index

Here, we show you how to delete index folders.

  • Cockpit

  • k8s

To delete the index folders:

  1. Go to Environments > Manage.

  2. Click Delete indexes for the desired environment.

To delete the index folders:

  1. In Rancher, click on the Execute shell navigation item on the desired Author environment.

    rancher execute shell screenshot

  2. Run the following commands:

    cd /mgnl-home/repositories/magnolia/workspaces/ (1)
    find . -name index -exec rm -rf {} \; (2)
    1 Changes to your workspaces directory.
    2 Finds and removes the index folders.




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