Logging in

Authoring instance

On the Magnolia authoring login page, http://YourAuthoringServer/magnoliaAuthor/.magnolia, enter your username and password provided by your administrator.

Logging in

The generic form of the URL is http://<domain>:<port>/<contextPath>/.magnolia. It may be different on your system.

AdminCentral user login information

For peace of mind and added protection, all users within AdminCentral can see their latest login information conveniently from the App Launcher. Typically, the login information is found in the top-right of the App Launcher and is displayed in the user’s local time.

Login information format

Last login: DD/MM/YYYY, hh:mm

last login information

The latest login information is shown for Magnolia users, accessing via the default login, and SSO users (accessing via the SSO module, version 3.1.2 and later).

Demo site

With Magnolia you typically get an example Travel Demo site. It showcases all of the essential features. The demo is also available online at demo.magnolia-cms.com.

The demo is reset every 30 minutes. We recommend that you download install your own copy Magnolia so you won’t lose your work.

Demo site user accounts

Superuser is the admin account that has access to everything. Accounts eric and peter are created by the Travel Demo. If you can’t log in as eric or peter, log in as superuser and create users for your site.

Username Password Permissions



Full access. Equivalent to root account on Unix systems.



Editor. Can add and edit content and start a publishing process.



Publisher. Can only read content and approve publications.

Accounts are automatically locked out after N+1 failed login attempts, where N is a number configurable at Configuration > /server/security/userManagers/[admin|system]@maxFailedLoginAttempts.

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