Uploading assets

You can upload assets individually or in bulk in the Assets app, or upload them from another app.

To upload an asset in the Assets app:

  1. Select a parent folder to upload the asset. If no folder is selected, the asset will upload at the root level.

  2. Click Upload assets in the action bar.

  3. Select files to upload or drag and drop them into the designated area.

  4. Click Upload.

  5. Wait for the notification confirming a successful upload.

The upload size limit is 100MB, regardless of the number of assets you want to upload. To change the limit, see Configuring asset upload.

If one or more of the files you’re trying to upload is corrupted, a notification will inform you of it. Those files are ignored from the uploading process although they appear on the upload list.

In the default configuration, the dialog does not have a field for renaming the filename of the asset.

Filename field in the asset upload dialog

To read more on how to add the field to the dialog head over to assets configuration.

Uploading an asset from a different app

You can upload an asset into the Magnolia DAM from any other app that can browse the DAM, for example when creating a new contact in the Contacts app. Click on Upload and select the image you want to add to your contact.

You can further define app-specific metadata fields which can be different from the standard metadata fields available when uploading in the Assets app.


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