Tools to test REST requests

In this page, we suggest some tools you can use to test the REST API without needing to develop a REST consuming client application. Testing your REST requests is useful when you are developing client apps and similar things that interact with the REST endpoints.



For instance Firefox displays JSON and XML in a very readable format.


A browser provides only limited control to tailor a request without further add-ons. Requests are sent as GET and you cannot add more request headers out of the box.


If you want to test on REST resources via GET, which requires authetication to get assigned roles not provided to the anonymous user: log in to Magnolia first; open a new tab in the same window (using the same session); and then request the REST resource.

Upgrade the browser with add-ons to extend its possibilities to control the request.

Browser with add-ons

Browser add-ons


cURL is a command line tool. It can be used on most well-known operating systems.



Very flexible for tailoring the request (method, request headers, user credentials, and so on). Response can be further processed.


Not everybody likes command line tools. The response is not easy to read without further tooling. No out-of-the-box automatic URL encoding.

On the first attempt of a request, use the -i option to display all response headers.

If the response body is fine and delivers JSON, pretty-print and colorize the response body with tools such as jq.

JSON response body

Magnolia REST tools


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