Release notes for Magnolia CMS 6.2.43

LTS release • Delivered on February 23, 2024 • Page updated on March 28, 2024 • Changelog: 22830

Magnolia CMS 6.2.43 introduces a few improvements primarily around the authoring experience, performance, and the Delivery API. We also fixed a few issues and further enhanced our security. We keep the details of security fixes private in line with our security policy. Contact our Support team if you need more information.


SSO 3.1.9

SSO 3.1.9 was released on February 23, 2024.

If you use the Magnolia SSO module, you must upgrade the module to v3.1.9 when you upgrade to DX Core 6.2.43. The lastLogin information for SSO users is no longer updated until you upgrade to v3.1.9.

DX Core 6.2.43 brings a performance-improving change to the structure of the profiles workspace where information for SSO users and JCR users is stored. For more information about what user profile information is stored where, see User profile storage.

Related tickets

Asset management enhancements

We are excited to announce a few new features to optimize your asset management. You can now perform bulk actions for uploading, publishing, and unpublishing assets.

The new bulk upload action brings you:

  • A sleek drag & drop feature to upload multiple assets

  • Improved visuals to understand the status of your operation(s)

For more, see Publishing assets and Uploading assets.

authoring bulk

Related tickets

  • MGNLDAM-1216 Publish multiple assets at the same time

  • MGNLDAM-1250 Unpublish multiple assets at the same time

  • MGNLDAM-1380 Styling improvements for pop-up dialog message

  • MGNLDAM-1385 Confirmation message when publishing multiple assets

  • MGNLUI-8652 Action for executing command on multiple items

    When using bulk: true in the JcrCommandAction, the command needs to be aware that there could be multiple identifiers present. Since this update, it is therefore the uuids parameter (identifiers of all passed items) that handles this instead of the single path and uiud parameters used before the update.

    If you need to restore the previous behavior until you have properly migrated your Java code, you can leverage the method using the uuid and path parameters by setting bulk: false in the command configuration. The method is still part of the JcrCommandParamsResolver.

    Example decoration
    To ensure a correct decoration order, the <light-module> must have a dependency to dam-app-jcr.
      bulk: false
        multiple: false
      bulk: false
        multiple: false
        multiple: false
      bulk: false
        multiple: false
      bulk: false
        multiple: false
  • PUBLISHING-315 Publish items in bulk

  • PUBLISHING-321 Allow unpublishing of multiple items in bulk


Whitelisting and blacklisting properties to return in Delivery API

You can now control which properties are returned in the response of our Delivery API.

  • Specify the properties to include with the properties parameter. (whitelist)

  • Specify the properties to exclude with the excludeProperties parameter. (blacklist)

curl "<URL>/magnoliaAuthor/.rest/<myEndpoint>/travel/?q=about&properties=views,title" (1)
1 In this case, only views and title are returned in the response.

For more on this topic, see Delivery API: Properties.

Related tickets


  • MGNLADVCACHE-122 Performance: Cache only restarts when changes are made to the site

  • MGNLUI-8438 Performance: Configurable JCR observation delay; option to disable observation

Bug fixes

  • CONTEDIT-611 SavePublishContentAction should use versioned catalog

  • MAGNOLIA-9263 Redirect URLs were wrongly encoded

  • MGNLCACHE-358 Bug in CacheResponseWrapper causes ClassCastExceptions

  • MGNLGQL-179 Internal server error 500 when disabling content type

  • MGNLUI-8662 Show version view only shows values for the default language


Third-party library updates

  • commons-codec to 1.16.1

  • commons-compress to 1.26.0

  • commons-text to 1.10

  • google-api-client to 2.3.0

  • google-oauth-client to 1.35.0

  • neko-htmlunit to 3.11.2

  • jackrabbitVersion to 2.20.14

  • json-path to 2.9.0

  • solr-solrj to 8.11.3

  • swaggerParser to 2.1.20

Updated modules

  • Admincentral 6.2.37

  • Advanced Cache 2.3.5

  • Backup 2.5.1

  • Barebones Tomcat Bundle 1.2.25

  • Blossom 3.6.4

  • Cache 5.9.11

  • Community Edition 6.2.43

  • Content Editor 2.1.9

  • Content Importer 1.0.5

  • Content Tags 2.0.6

  • DAM 3.0.30

  • DX Core 6.2.43

  • GraphQL 1.1.6

  • Magnolia 6.2.43

  • Observation 2.2.1

  • Personalization 2.1.11

  • Publishing 1.3.14

  • REST Framework 2.2.25

  • Security 6.2.21

  • Solr Search Provider 6.1.9

  • Third party library BOM 6.2.43

  • UI 6.2.43

  • Usage Metrics 1.2.0


The Magnolia team would also like to thank everyone who reported issues, contributed patches or simply commented on issues for this release. Your continued interest helps us make Magnolia better.

Thanks a mill!

Special thanks go out to Rainer Blumenthal, Philipp Gaschuetz, and Frank Sommer.


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