Magnolia 6.2.8 known issues

REST endpoint not behaving as expected with Java 11

In the Magnolia 6.2.8 webapps (except magnolia-empty-webapp), we have identified an issue filed as BUILD-462.

Generally, the REST endpoints that are affected are those installed or monitored by the magnolia-rest-services and magnolia-rest-integration submodules of the Magnolia REST module. These include:

and any custom endpoint configured as /config/<module-name>/restEndpoints. Whether these endpoints are affected in a specific Magnolia setup depends on how the endpoints are implemented.

The cause of the issue was the update of Tika to 1.26, which pulled in JAXB Runtime 3.0.0.

This issue is resolved in Magnolia 6.2.9 as well as magnolia-dx-core-cloud-webapp-6.2.8-sp1, which is available in the Magnolia Cloud Cockpit.


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